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If you cannot get the certification due to ongoing appeal process or another reason, this service allows you to obtain the release of a contract used in specific contracts.

Service Publishing Date


Service Languages

Arabic / English

Payment Methods

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Free sadad mada mada

SMS Service

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Service Duration

3 Business Days
No Fees

Mobile Apps

service description


All registered taxpayers in Zakat / CIT
service docs Documents and Prerequisites                                    
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Service Steps


Log into ZATCA portal through

Go to "Zakat, Tax, and Customs" tab             

Select "Contract Release Application"

Select "New Request"           

Fill in the form          

Once approved, you will receive a notification of the contract release ​

Channel that can be used

  • Call Center
  • Branch
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Relationship Managers
  • Live Chat
  • Twitter
  • Email
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Required Documents


Copy of contract or purchase order
Submit all due declaration
Pay all other due amounts
Pay tax
Zakat on the released contract

Support Channels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Inquiries and Complaints

Related Services

Complaints and General Inquiries

Complaints and General Inquiries

This service allows beneficiaries to submit inquiries, complaints, or feedback about provided services via communication channels, and ZATCA employees will then respond and answer any question they might have.



Automatic Exchange of financial accounts information base on the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information and the Common Reporting Standard (MCAA/CRS)

Country-By-Country report

Country-By-Country report

Automatic Exchange of financial information according to MULTILATERAL COMPETENT AUTHORITY AGREEMENT ON THE EXCHANGE OF COUNTRY-BY-COUNTRY REPORTS based on transfer pricing bylaws (“Bylaws”), all Taxpayers in the Kingdom whom their annual consolidated revenue of the Multinational Enterprise Groups (“MNE Group”) to which they belong exceeds SAR 3.2 Billion during the year immediately preceding the current Reporting Year, as reflected in the MNE Group’s Consolidated Financial Statements for that preceding year.

Request Escalation to the General Secretariat of Tax Committees

Request Escalation to the General Secretariat of Tax Committees

In case of rejection of your objection, you can escalate your objection to the Tax Committee for Resolution through the General Secretariat of Tax Committees for reconsideration.

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Comments and suggestions
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