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 Privacy Policy


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (“ZATCA") ensures and prioritizes privacy and confidentiality of the personal information and data of its website (“Website") users, and its digital platforms and smartphone apps. The Privacy Notice aims to understand the information type that we collect, the reason of collection and how to process and handle these information. The Privacy Notice shall be an integral part of the terms and conditions of using ZATCA website. 

By using ZATCA website and its digital platforms and smartphone apps or benefiting from its services, you agree to the privacy policy of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority website.


The Information Collected by ZATCA:

​ZATCA shall collect different types of information and personal data of visitors and users of the website, and its platforms and apps, which are basically as follows:

·        The information that you provide ZATCA, which is required upon login on ZATCA website, platforms and the apps or that you submit to ZATCA when creating your user profile, including personal data about you or a member of your family - including without limitation- name, ID card No., address, contact numbers, email, contact numbers, licenses, cords numbers and personal properties, bank accounts and credit cards numbers, still and moving images of the individuals and other personal data.   

·        The information exchanged via the communication of ZATCA with the website users, such as the applications submitted to customer support services, inquiries, notes and complaints received from you.

·        Cookies data, such as the data collected via the records of website, technologies, cookies or the similar technologies.  

·        Address of your Internet Protocol (IP) and details of the version of the browser that you use.

·        The information that ZATCA receives from other sources, ZATCA may receive information about you when you use any other sites which are operated or any other services provided by ZATCA. In addition, Authority shall closely treat with other entities, for example: Government entities and any other parties that may provide ZATCA with your information.


The Methods of Information Collection:

ZATCA shall collect the information related to its website users via several methods as upon visiting ZATCA website, the server of ZATCA registers the address of (IP) of the user, date and time of the visit and the address of (URL) related to you on any website refers you to ZATCA website. In addition, the information and personal data will be directly collected through the information and data that the website user provides to the ZATCA.



ZATCA website and some or all of its platforms shall use cookies files to distinguish between you and the other users, which help us provide you with a characterized experiment when you visit our website, and develop the website. By continuing to browse the website, you agree to the use of cookies files by ZATCA through activating the feature of refusal of all or some of these files from your browser settings, including settings of your own browser. Upon activating “block the use of all cookies files" (including the main files), it may be difficult for you to access to all or some parts of the site.   


 The Purpose of Collecting and Using the Information

ZATCA shall collect the information related to the users of the website and use them for several purposes in consistency with the related laws, regulations and instructions, including without limitation:

·        Enhancing the management of the website and the available services

·        Achieving the basic purpose for which the user provides ZATCA with information and data, such as getting a specific service or responding to the applications, inquiries or complaints.     Monitoring and detecting violations of the Terms of Use, along with the other potential while using the website. 

·        Maintaining enhancement of the website performance and security of its software, systems and web.    

·        Developing the website and verifying that the content is displayed with high quality and efficiency and in a way that is suitable for you and your computer. 

·        Sending the proper awareness materials. You may request to cancel sending the awareness materials through communicating with ZATCA.  


Sharing and Disclosing the Information

ZATCA may share the information and personal data provided by you or collected about you in the following cases:  

·        If ZATCA has to disclose or share your information and personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation or to implement the terms of use or application and other agreements of ZATCA, or in order to protect the rights, property, and safety of ZATCA and the safety of its employees or others. 

·        The information and personal data related to you may be shared or disclosed to search with any processing entities, however, ZATCA shall share your information and personal data for this purpose only in line with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations and shall be limited to the required personal information to achieve the said purposes upon collection of that information and data. ZATCA ensures selecting entities that are committed to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom, and it works continuously to verify the said.

·        The information and personal data may be shared or disclosed in response to the subpoenas, the court order or any other legal action or to achieve, prevent or take actions related to the illegal practices suspicious fraud or the technological or security problems.

·         The data may be shared if they are collected from a source available to the public, by written consent from its owner as per the applicable provisions, for the public interest to the absolute necessity, the interest of its owner or all personal data which has been disposed that can be used for recognizing of its owner. 


Maintaining and Destroying the Information

ZATCA shall safely store your personal information and data at ZATCA head office inside the Kingdom or through safe solutions in the cloud computing. ZATCA shall not transform or process your personal information and data outside the Kingdom but according to the cases provided in the applicable laws, regulations, resolutions and policies in the Kingdom. In addition, ZATCA shall ensure the access of the authorized persons only to this data according to the needs of work. Upon destroying these data, ZATCA shall verify that that has been made in a safe manner that prevents leakage, losing, stealing, misuse or unauthorized access legally.  


Relevant Laws and Policies

 This policy shall be subject to the relevant laws, regulations and policies applicable in the Kingdom.


Your Rights

As a user of ZATCA website, a number of the rights in terms of collecting and processing your data as per the relevant laws, regulations and policies, including:

- The right to know, which includes informing you of the legal basis or actual need for collecting your personal data, and the purpose thereof, and not to process your data later in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of collecting it or in cases other than those stipulated in the laws, regulations, decisions and policies in force in the Kingdom.

- The right to access to your personal data at ZATCA to review them, request to collect, complete, update and obtain a copy thereof in a clear formula via communicating with contact points approved at ZATCA.


Liability Disclaimer

This platform of ZATCA in Saudi Arabia (referred to herein as “website" or “Platform") shall be available to your personal use. Your access and use of this platform shall be subject to the articles provided in the privacy notice and laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In addition, your access to this platform shall be deemed as a consent without restriction or condition to the articles of this notice.   This consent shall be valid from the date of your first use of this platform.

​The Changes in the Privacy Notice

ZATCA may amend and update this notice. You must periodically verify, review and recognize the updates.


The Links Related to Other Websites

The website, platforms and apps of ZATCA may, from time to time, contain links from and to other websites that may not be affiliated to ZATCA. If such links are followed to access to those websites, you shall review the privacy notice of such websites to be accessed to through any link within ZATCA website. ZATCA shall not, in no event, be responsible for methods of collecting and protecting the data by such websites.


​Relevant Legislations 

For more information about the related policies and laws referred to in this policy, you may use any of following links:

-        Policies issued by the National Data Management Office

-        controls issued by the National Data Management Office

-        Controls issued by Cybersecurity Authority


Contact us

We welcome all inquiries, questions and complaints related to the privacy policy via the communication option that is available on ZATCA website.​​

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