1. ZakatTax and Customs​ Academy ​​​

  2. ​​Overview:

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) established the Zakat, Tax and Customs Academy as we believe that ZATCA's employees play a significant role that contributes primarily to ZATCA's strategic objectives of being a global role model in managing Zakat and taxes effectively, transparently, and with a focus on customers.

  1. Staff:

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Academy is directly overseen by H.E. the Governor of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, Eng/ Suhail bin Muhammad Abanmi, and the executive management of ZATCA. The human Capital Team, represented by the Talent Development Department, undertakes general supervision of the Academy to ensure the quality of the development and implementation of services and programs provided in cooperation with relevant departments and authorities.


Developing knowledge and skills to be leaders in the management and regulation of Zakat, tax and customs.

  1. Mission:
  2. Providing learning and development solutions to ZATCA's employees in accordance with the latest and most appropriate local and international practices and educating those interested and specialists in the field of Zakat, Tax and Customs.​


1. Preparing ZATCA's employees with the knowledge and skills required to achieve current and future objectives.
2. Ensure continuous vocational development.
3. Provide professional consultations to ensure constant learning and development.
4. Qualify current leaders with leadership and management skills and knowledge.
5. Develop ZATCA’s future leaders in line with career s​uccession plans.
6. Strengthening the knowledge level for those interested in the field of Zakat, tax and customs.​

    1. Programs and Services:
    1. 1. Development for all jobs.
      ​2. Behavioral, leadership, and technical development programs.
      3. Professional Certification Support Program.
      4. E-learning programs.
      5. English language development programs within the Kingdom.
      6. Field visits to global expertise houses.
      7. Specialized conferences and exhibitions.

    Customs Clearance Program:
    The Foundation Track for Clearance Specialist and classification Specialist is the basic program for joining one of the tracks of professions specialized in customs clearance, which enables trainees to know the basics to start practicing customs clearance in the professions of clearance specialist and classification specialist.​