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 About ZATCA

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority established under the Council of Ministers Decision No. (570) dated 22 of Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to May 4, 2021, to merge the General Authority of Zakat and Tax and the General Customs Authority into one Authority under the name of "Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority".

The Authority undertakes to collect Zakat, taxes and customs duties achieving the highest level of taxpayers’ compliance in accordance with the best practices by providing high-quality services. The Authority is also responsible of organizing and managing all activities related to customs operations and ports, in order to achieve the highest level of compliance, productivity and competitiveness. This aims to enable the Kingdom on becoming a global logistics hub by trade facilitation and protecting national security, In addition, the Authority will make sure not to jeopardize or interfere with the powers and responsibilities of other entities while making all possible efforts to achieve its objectives.​​