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 Sustainable Development Goals

ZATCA Role With Regard To the Sustainable Development Promotion

Driven by KSA role in promoting the sustainable development, Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA), within its strategy, has obliged to achieve such goals through developing executive frameworks for its strategic plans and initiatives to achieve that, chief among which:

- Managing the available natural resources and rationalizing the expenditure.
- Using the modern technology to solve problems and treat challenges in developing resources without disturbing the ecosystem.
- Integrating with other authorities for the sake of the proper and safe planning to utilize resources.
- Promoting innovation, digitalization and service automation to reduce paperwork.
- Establishing mechanisms to ensure the fair and transparent participation and controlling the double taxation and commercial concealment.
- Developing human capabilities and enabling competencies.

Accordingly, several projects and initiatives have been emerged and contributed to promoting the sustainable development concept at all sectors.

Most Prominent Projects, Services and Initiatives with Regard to Achieve SDGs

Effective and Transparent Facilitation of Trade:

This goal aims to increase the contribution of small and medium enterprises in the economy as do large and mega enterprises and give the opportunity to its growth and contribution to the national economy and increase GDP..​

Enhancement of Compliance and Obligation:
Tax compliance of taxpayers leads to increase revenues of the state, leading to improve the infrastructure of the state, increase the building of its public facilities, contributing to the quality of life of the citizen and resident..​

Project of E-invoicing “FATOORA”:
This project focuses on digitalizing procedures of issue and maintain tax invoices to prevent the commercial concealment, promote the economy security and encounter corruption..​

Strategic partnerships:
ZATCA shall promote the sustainability of the national economy and participate in improving the environment of customs, as the trade exchange will be easier between states, through local or global strategic partnerships.

Digital Transformation:
This initiative focuses on transferring all paperwork to electronic transactions, in order to promote a free-paper environment to reduce paper waste and preserve the environment, improving the experience of the citizen and resident as well..​

"Binaa-Alkafa'at" Program:
This program aims to develop the human capital and expand the vocational training to provide needs of the labor market and reduce unemployment.​.​

"ZACTA" Mobile App:
This application achieves SDGs through developing the quality of services, enabling taxpayers to electronically, subjectively, quickly and easily complete their services. There is no need to visit ZACTA headquarters, consequently, they save efforts and time, reducing the environment pollution resulting from the traffic congestion and waste of energy as well..

Initiative of Customs Statement Issue Fees Cancellation of Saudi Exports:
This initiative has been launched to facilitate the export processes and related logistics and reduce the external export costs of non-oil and non-Saudi products, which leads to support the national industries sector and promote its growth, as well as, depending on other income sources to finance its initiatives related to the sustainable development.

Initiative of 2-hour Clearance:
This initiative focuses on increasing the flexibility of customs processes and related logistics, in order to promote the work environment by the technical linking, increasing the growth of economy and leading to improve public services provided to the individual and society..

Digital Guides:
They are developed for increasing awareness of Zakat, tax and customs aspects, urging them to comply with them, as they are electronically issued to reduce paperwork..​

Service of e-amendment on tender policies and containers:
This service aims to enhance the operational capability to increase the owned share of the transit trade, consequently, the economy development will be achieved, living standards will be improved and poverty will be eradicated.​

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