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A tax warehouse is a specific physical space, in which the licensee is permitted to produce, store, receive, possess, receive or send taxable goods in a tax suspension in the course of his business. This service allows you to obtain a tax warehouse license by the ZATCA.

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Manufacturing, processing, transfer, storage or receipt of selective goods under suspended tax or production companies  and / or storage of excise goods.
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Service Steps


Enter service via the ZATCA website

Go to the "Excise Tax"

Select " New Warehouse License"

Fill in the form and submit it

Provide the original bank guarantee to one of ZATCA's branches

You will receive a notification upon completion of the request via your Email​

Channel that can be used

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  • Branch
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Relationship Managers
  • Live Chat
  • Twitter
  • Email
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Required Documents


Excise registration
Bank guarantee (Minimum 5% of the excise goods stored / sold  in one month).
Determine whether the tax warehouse to be licensed will be used to produce and / or store excise goods.
The type of excise goods to be received or preserved under the tax warehouse license.
Information regarding the location of the warehouse to be licensed.

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