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 Training addition notification service launched

Seeking to serve its employees and improve performance in financial and administrative systems, the head office of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) launched a new service to notify employees of the training courses added to their profile. 

The service, ranking 5 in the line of services offered to employees, was facilitated by the Information Technology department in cooperation with the financial and administrative affairs department. Mr. Ibrahim S. Al-Henaki, General Director of the Information Technology Department, said that such service is a part of a service package provided by the system development department.

The new service will allow employees to receive an SMS and an e-mail stating the detailed data about the course to verify the added data and the course addition to the employee profile. Meanwhile, Director of System Development Department Mr. Ibrahim F. Al Dosari said that the new service is a one link in a chain of services provided to develop the financial and administrative systems: 

1.    Salary notification service

2.    Leave notification service

3.    Circular notification service

4.    Notification service of collective and individual payroll.

The new service helps the employee: 

1.    Easily view the training courses added to his/her profile.

2.    Verify the data of various training courses added to his/her profile.

3.    Benefit from the training courses added to his/her profile at the time of preparing the promotion reports.

4.    Get his/her official e-mail activated and acquire computer skills.

Al-Henaki extended thanks to the employees for interaction and activation of their official e-mail which is now a must to benefit of the services provided. 

The number of employees seeking the activation of notification services is about 1,235 from the head office and branches, Al-Henaki said, pointing out that the number is increasing by nearly 80%.

Such requests by employees to activate their official e-mails stress the employees' awareness and desire to improve the administrative and financial systems using technology including official e-mail and computer skills, he concluded. 

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Last Update: 28 Jul 2020 10:10 AM Saudi Arabia Time