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Develop and Improve the Zakat Registration Service

Participation Goals
In order to achieve the mission and objectives of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, This initiative seeks to providing opportunities for improvement and development by involving the beneficiaries of the Zakat Authority's services in sharing proposals that work towards enhancing and improving the registration service provided by the Authority in order to raise the level of public service.

Specific objectives include:
1. Improving the customer experience.
2. Developing the Authority's work to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Innovative ideas to develop the Zakat registration service.
2. Proposed solutions to address challenges or for development.

Expected Outputs:
1. Identifying the current problems in providing Zakat registration services and identifying the areas that need improvement.
2. Collecting proposals and opinions from beneficiaries to improve the service.
3. Developing future action plans based on the survey results to improve the services of the Zakat Authority and better meet the needs of beneficiaries.
4. Increasing the level of interaction and participation from the Authority's clients.
Participation Status
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Participation type Initiative
Target Users
Start Date 10/8/2023
End Date 11/5/2023
Comments and suggestions
Comments and suggestions
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