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 ZATCA thwarts three attempts to smuggle over 300,000 Captagon pills at Al Haditha Port

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) is sparing no means to crack down on smuggling lords in the Kingdom. ZATCA has recently foiled three attempts to smuggle nearly 302,255 Captagon pills at Al Haditha Port. The pills were detected in Saudi-bound consignments as well as with passengers entering the Kingdom through the port.

ZATCA stated that the Captagon pills were seized following inspection by customs through security technologies as well as K-9 units (police dogs).The illegal pills were concealed in different manners as the first foiled attempt revealed 261,630 pills hidden inside a truck's fuel tank.

Al Haditha Port was also able to abort a second smuggling attempt that involved 31,325 Captagon pills hidden inside medical corsets a smuggler was wearing.

The Authority then addressed the third attempt in which 9,300 Captagon pills were hidden in an artistic way in stone mural paintings.

After the Captagon pills were seized, the three contraband recipient inside the Kingdom were arrested in collaboration with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control (GDNC), added ZATCA.

ZATCA spares no effort to tighten its grip over the Kingdom's imports and exports. The Authority vows to ever be vigilant against any smuggling attempts in order to realize its goal for strengthening the security and protecting society against these harmful substances and other contraband. ZATCA also affirmed its pursue to join forces with the GDNC  to contribute to the effectiveness of the methodology used between the two sides, for the purpose of combating drug smuggling in all its forms and types.​

At the same time, the Authority has called on everyone to contribute to combating smuggling and protecting the society and national economy by reaching out to the Authority's number designated for security reports (1910), via e-mail or by the international number (00966114208417). The Authority, through these channels, receives and follows up reports related to smuggling crimes and violations of the Common Customs Law at strict confidence, with a financial reward given to the whistleblower if the reported information is proven correct.

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Last Update: 30 Nov 2022 09:22 AM Saudi Arabia Time