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 Saudi women are effective factor in GAZT success

Since the Saudi Vision 2030 focused on empowering women to participate in the labor market as a main goal, GAZT gives due care to the recruitment and appointment of female employees. The move aimed to achieve the Saudi Vision's 2030 ambitious goals. To that end, GAZT has established a work environment that is appealing to women and provides several assistive tools and systems that maintain women's stability at work and promote their professional development. With the above steps taken, women are able to participate effectively in the realization of GAZT's strategy and operational objectives.

GAZT started with 82 Saudi female employees in 2017, but this number increased six-fold within three years, reaching 519 female employees working in GAZT's different agencies and departments. The rate of female leaders has reached 7% now.

This increase in the percentage of recruitment of female workers is considered one of the results of transformation strategy (2018-2020) applied by GAZT after being transformed from a department to a general authority. Therefore, GAZT is a top destination to among the government entities that are appealing to female workers, especially in the leadership levels.

These endeavors of GAZT conform to its operational strategies for (2020-2022), which aim to create an effective system that is marked by proficiency and enable employees to grow professionally in an attractive work environment.

In addition, this effort is in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and National Transformation Program to raise the levels of women participation in the labor market from 22% to 30%. Such goals can be achieved through promoting the culture of women participation in the labor market and providing them with the enabling tools and systems, making the work environment more appealing and supporting her stability at work.​

03 January 2021
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