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 ZATCA thwarts 3 attempts to smuggle over 961 thousand Captagon Pills in Alkhafji Port

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has managed to thwart 3 attempts to smuggle 961,471 Captagon pills at Alkhafji Port that have been found hidden in vehicles coming to the Kingdom through the port.

The Authority clarified that during the inspection process to one of the vehicles, the smuggler set his vehicle on fire to obliterate the items inside. After putting out the fire, the process continued, and 208.092 Captagon pills were found hidden in different parts of the vehicle.

On a second attempt, the Authority has managed to thwart and seize 346,812 Captagon pills found hidden in one of the vehicles in a spare tire coming to the Kingdom through the port.

The Authority has added that on a third attempt, a vehicle coming through the port driven by a traveler with his family was going through security, and 406,567 Captagon pills were found hidden in the fuel tank and under the vehicle's floor.


ZATCA confirmed that it is continuing to tighten customs control over the Kingdom's imports and exports and is standing by in the face of attempts by smuggling owners. The Authority has also called everyone to contribute to combating smuggling and protecting the society and national economy by contacting the Authority's designated number for security reports (1910), e-mail (, or by the international number (00966114208417). The Authority will receive reports related to smuggling crimes and violations of the Common Customs Law confidentially, with a financial reward given to the reporter if the provided information is correct.​

29 October 2021
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