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 GAZT Achieves its Highest Ranks in E-Services Maturity Indicator

GAZT has been awarded the Platinum category “the highest level” of E-Services Maturity Indicator in the new edition launched by the e-Government Program “Yesser”. Where three government entities have attained the Platinum category: Ministry of Finance, General Authority for Zakat and Tax, and Communications and Information Technology Commission

The e-services provided by GAZT have committed to achieving the digital transformation aims of government entities as well as developing services for beneficiaries, which made GAZT among the top 15 government agencies that have contributed in raising the overall maturity indicator of all government services.

GACT also contributed in raising the overall maturity indicator, placing the authority in the highest category “platinum category “ in evaluating government entities on the maturity of the provided e-services, as part of GAZT endeavors to offer the highest level services to taxpayers and assist them in completing their e-transactions as per the highest standards of compliance quickly and conveniently.

The Government e-Services Maturity Indicator measures the progress achieved by government entities in the e-Services track based on updated data documented by the same entity through the Government Services Observatory (Marsad) to enable the availability of Government e-services, increase its maturity, and raise the level of transparency.

The Government E-Services Maturity Indicator is a tool to assess the level of digitization and development in its government e-services. It encourages government entities to increase the delivery of advanced and developed government services as well as promotes social welfare by supporting policies that focus on citizens and highlight the factors that affect their satisfaction rates.

Such indicators analyze the level of digitization of e-services provided by various government entities to citizens, residents, visitors, business sector, and others.

The Maturity Indicator of Government Services is a key performance indicator in the National Transformation Program 2020, targeting 85% as an overall maturity level.​

29 August 2019
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