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  GAZT to Launch its Field Fleet with the Participation of Women for the First Time

In its continuing efforts to improve quality oversight as well as the performance of field and inspection systems, GAZT has strengthened its field teams with modern vehicles, where women were among the field teams and participated in on-site inspections for the first time.

GAZT’s decisions to involve women in the field teams and increase the number of vehicles were to enhance the field presence and to ensure following-up to communications and carrying out tasks in different commercial sectors, to increase commitment and make sure laws are enforced.

It is noteworthy that the number of modern vehicles launched by GAZT’s Department of Operations exceeded 80 cars provided with technical systems to facilitate the process of attribution and communications. The vehicles are also equipped with electronic board to document the results of on-site inspection teams visits monitored from the operating room.  

GAZT attached great importance on oversight work and inspection, which enhances tax compliance and contributes to implement regulations. GAZT also plays an important role in carrying out the communications received in addition to participating in on-site campaigns with relevant authorities.

GAZT renews its call to all consumers to use the application of VAT, which allows them to know whether the facility they are dealing with is registered in VAT or not, report of offending enterprises, or to contact GAZT’s unified call center at (19993).

It is worth mentioning that the process of receiving communications is done through GAZT operating room which is linked with an information screen in all regions of the Kingdom, to ensure dealing with communications with speed and urgently.


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Last Update: 29 Sep 2020 11:55 PM Saudi Arabia Time