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 ZATCA Organizes Over 30 Open Meetings with Taxpayers and Customers

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) held more than 30 open meetings with its taxpayers and customers such as importers, exporters, and customs clearance agents during Q1 2023. During such meetings, the opinions and proposals submitted by the participants were discussed.
ZATCA in these meetings targeted the taxpayers and customers of various categories. They discussed all the matters related to the customs clearance sector through the open meeting held with many customs clearance agents of different customs land ports, seaports and airports. This comes from the fact that this sector is considered the main partner in the customs work and supporter to the ZATCA targets that help raise the efficiency of the import and export procedures.
The meetings hosted the importers, exporters, speed transportation sector, freight brokers, e-shopping companies, warehouse operators at the customs ports, members of Saudi Authorized Economic Operator – AEO (Priority Program) and companies operating number of the ports. Furthermore, ZATCA organized a number of open meetings with a group of taxpayers in finance, insurance, real estate, listed companies, education, healthcare, technology, industry, mining, agriculture and other sectors. In these meetings, they addressed the challenges facing their work relating to ZATCA, and the latter listened to their opinions and proposals, and helped remove the obstacle they face.

ZATCA clarified that such meetings help promote communication between the stakeholders of different categories and achieve a positive impact through recognizing all the ways that facilitate procedures and improve efficiency. ZATCA indicated that these meetings are important since they address the challenges and provide excellent work environment, confirming that it is going to continue organizing these open meetings with all taxpayers and customers in a pursuit to promote communication with ZATCA’s partners in all zakat, tax and customs fields. This matter contributes to optimally leveraging the services provided by ZATCA, which in turn leads to enhancing the compliance level and raising awareness.

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Last Update: 10 Apr 2023 02:47 PM Saudi Arabia Time