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 GAZT contributions to sustainable development

​‏​Commitment to National Course of Development

The General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT), and its efforts within the field of taxation, reflect a firm commitment to the national course of development. GAZT has an important role in Saudi Arabia’s drive to achieve financial sustainability, which will ultimately enable the Kingdom to deliver medium- and long-term development plans and achieve its ambitious goals in all fields.  

VAT will be introduced in Saudi Arabia at 5% on 1 January 2018 and, as the date approaches, GAZT continues assist businesses of all sizes in their preparations and readiness for VAT. This has included the launch of GAZT’s official VAT website (VAT.GOV.SA), which provides a wide range of tools and information resources on VAT and the readiness process, as well as the launch of a dedicated VAT helpline (19993) to answer all queries relating to VAT.

Optimal, Fair Collection

GAZT aims to collect statutory zakat and taxes efficiently and fairly, in line with the highest of international standards. GAZT is also committed to fulfilling Saudi Arabia’s obligations towards International Tax Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Tax Evasion, transfer of profits and automatic exchange of tax information.

GAZT Seeks to Achieve Fair, Optimal Collection through Three Main Themes:

Theme 1: Institutional Development of GAZT

GAZT has taken significant steps to grow and develop as an institution, enhancing and expanding its abilities, and improving its performance and efficiency. As part of this process, GAZT has undertaken the following:

  • Transforming into an independent authority

  • Developing a new strategy

  • Developing and applying zakat and tax laws and their Implementing Regulations

  • Developing GAZT structure

  • Qualifying human cadres

  • Adopting advanced technology solutions

Theme 2: Building partnerships with public and private sectors

GAZT believes in the importance of building and activating partnerships with stakeholders across the public and private sector. We have developed strong relations with relevant government agencies and companies concerned with legal auditing to facilitate the exchange of information and ensure taxpayer records and financial information is accurate and up to date, helping tackle evasion of zakat and tax.  GAZT has undertaken the following actions in this area:

  • Linking with government agencies

  • Building partnerships to support the accounting sector

  • Supporting tax awareness campaigns

  • Cooperating in the field of governance

Theme 3: Building special relationships with key partners

GAZT works to build special partnerships and relationships with taxpayers in order to collect zakat and tax while minimizing the impact and disruption on business activities. We want to ensure zakat and tax processes do not inhibit a company’s ability to expand their activities, or create problems in operations, liquidity and cash flow. In this regard, GAZT has undertaken the following:

​​Achieving fruitful and continuous communication with partners

  • Developing the relationship with the qualified establishments

  • Facilitating the registration process at the “ERAD” website

  • Developing feedback mechanisms

  • Building customer satisfaction indicator​

05 October 2017
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