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 GAZT launches negotiation skills program for second line development

Director General of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT), Mr. Ibrahim M. Al Mufleh opened the training program "Negotiation Skills for Developing a Second Line" at the authority's headquarters in Riyadh. The program will continue for five days Muharram 12-16, 1437 AH, October 25-29, 2015 G with participation of about 22 GCC employees. Launched in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the program is part of the third common training plan (2013/2015G) approved for members of Zakat authorities and funds in the GCC countries.

Mr. Al Mufleh said "In the context of globalization and international blocs, the GCC countries are keen on taking joint action and achieving the highest level of cooperation and exchange of information, knowledge and experiences. This program is a part of cooperation between the Zakat authorities and funds in the GCC countries to adopt the best practice at the scientific and technical levels, he said. It is also designed to prepare high-level leaders and apply the applicable concepts of modern management, he said. It is also a manifestation of the Zakat authority's keenness to build capacity among the administrators, said GAZT Director General.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the only GCC country to collect the Zakat imposed on the establishments on mandatory basis through a specialized government body. This allows the Kingdom to get knowledge and experience to be a reference for Muslim countries in terms of Zakat calculation and collection from the private entities", he said. We are pleased to cooperate with our brothers at the GCC countries to share knowledge and experiences to improve the entire GCC Zakat system ".

The training program aims at providing the participants with a theoretical approach to the concepts and dimensions related to the development of skills of the second line leaders. It also seeks to equip those leaders with the practical skills and technical methods related to management and leadership skills and train them on preparing plans for development of the second line leadership and applying the modern managerial concepts in work environments, he concluded.

Implemented by the Development and Research Department at GAZT in cooperation with a national center for training and consultations, the program covers several themes including: The concept of leadership and forms of power, motivation a momentum for excellence, the importance of preparing a second line leadership, mandate (concept and significance), effective leadership and delegation, empowerment and its role in preparing second line leaders, human needs and its impact on the mandate, determining the employees potential for the purpose of delegation, and the delegation rules, monitoring and follow-up.   






05 November 2014
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