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 Restricted or Prohibited Goods

​Prohibited items carried by passengers and travelers through customs ports.

Following the decision of the Minister of Finance No. (2597) dated 24 Rajab 1439 AH and reported in the circular of H.E. the Governor of Customs General Authority - formerly - the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority currently No. (340/21/M) dated 01/08/1439 AH that the prohibited items carried frequently by travelers, and the fines that are imposed on anyone who attempts to enter them:

  • Pills, intoxicants, and drugs of all kinds.
  • Discs and storage devices that contain immoral materials.
  • Counterfeit currencies.
  • Fireworks of all shapes and types.
  • Prohibited chewing smoke.
  • Tear softeners.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • What contains a secret camera, such as watches, pens, glasses, and airplanes.
  • Laser: Travelers arriving in the Kingdom are allowed one laser pen, which is red only, and the laser power it produces does not exceed (5 milliwatts).
  • All types of electric shocks.
  • Speed radar detectors.
  • Guru fruits.
  • Books and publications that violate the regulations of the Ministry of Media.
  • Pills, creams, sexual tonics, abortion pills, herbs, and lotions not registered with the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Nutmeg fruit and its powder.
  • Sexual organs, tools and devices.
  • Eavesdropping devices of all shapes and types.​

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