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 Personal Importation


1-    In the case of personal importation, the beneficiary must register in Fasah platform and delegate a customs broker.

2-     Consignment shall not be in commercial quantities or have commercial traits.

3-    Submission of required permits and documentations from competent authorities for restricted goods.

4-    Owner of goods, a representative, or the customs broker - authorized - for the importer may submit documents, and customs information to the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority online stating that he provides the customs office before or after clearance of goods with the required documents upon request.

5-    Navigation agents -air or sea- must submit manifest to the customs office online in accordance with the customs clearance system used at the customs office to proceed all customs procedures.

6-    The possibility of prior customs clearance.

7-    Imported goods that are prohibited internationally or locally, or subject to applicable international agreements, treaties and local regulations, as well as goods that are counterfeit, adulterated, or violates approved qualifications or intellectual property rights shall not be imported.

8-    Citizens do not have the right to import more than two vehicles during a one year period, such vehicle shall in accordance with fuel efficiency and permissible age In a case of fuel efficiency and permissible age not matching, a payment is required not under (20,000 Saudi Riyals) and not more than (50%) of the vehicle's value at stated in the Council of Ministers Law No.(335) at 16 Jumada al-Thani 1443 AH. Antique vehicles that are imported for acquisition and that are more than (30) years old are excluded from the payment.

Documents required to provide with the Customs Declaration: 

·    Original detailed receipts.
·    Bill of lading.
·    Copy of National ID card.

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