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Government Entities Partnerships​

Numerous partnerships have been put into place with government entities to improve joint cooperation and harmonise efforts toward implementing plans and realizing goals in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.​

- Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani)
 As part of their relationship, ZATCA and Mawani aim to: boost competitiveness and improve the business environment in Saudi ports by integrating with the public and private sectors; facilitate trade exchange and attain customer satisfaction; and consistently work to support economic diversification and set up a welcoming business climate.

- Ministry of Labor and Social Development
Through the Saudization of customs clearance functions, ZATCA and HRSD can increase Saudization rates, lower security risks, and spur the expansion of existing businesses by appealing to the existing and emerging labour market.

- Ministry of Interior
To better support the strengthening of the security ecosystem through security integration, ZATCA and the MoI are working to improve their communication and collaboration in all areas.

- Ministry of Commerce
Promoting compliance of companies, institutions, and individuals working in the trade sector in KSA through information exchange, sharing of experience, and coordination to compact zakat and tax evasion is an area of cooperation between ZATCA and the MoC.

- Ministry of Justice
Improvements in service delivery at both the Ministry of Justice and the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority are the result of ongoing efforts to develop electronic integration.

- Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture
Cooperation between ZATCA and MEWA helps both entities succeed by sharing knowledge and gaining insights from one another in the areas of zakat, tax and customs, ecology, and sustainable development.

- Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)
ZATCA and SASO have worked together to improve the customs clearance ecosystem and open the door to international trade through electronic integration.

- Capital Markets Authority
Increased collaboration and electronic integration between ZATCA and CMA will help shape new laws and regulations that will benefit the entities in their pursuit of providing superior service.

- Saudi Food and Drug Authority
To better serve the import and export ecosystem and to provide unique services in each entity, ZATCA and SFDA will work to strengthen their cooperation and integration.​

Private Sector Partnerships​

Using customer-centric, service-oriented methods that are in line with industry best practices, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority hopes to strengthen its relations with the private sector.
With the goal of maximising the benefit to the Kingdom, these partnerships are built right within the services we offer.

Mukatafa: Improving collaboration across the parties' respective spheres of expertise and laying forth a broad framework for interdisciplinary efforts  in the private sector's area of support.

SATS Saudi Arabia: SATS Saudi Arabia operates a cargo terminal at both King Khalid International Airport and King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Customs controls at bonded and re-export warehouses are governed by a contract between the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and other enterprises

Nahdi Medical Company: Construction of a bonded and re-export warehouses in Jeddah.

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC): Construction of a bonded and re-export warehouse at the Jubail Commercial Port.

 Customs controls at bonded and re-export zones are governed by a contract between the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and other enterprises

Saudi Trade & Export Development Company: Construction of a re-export zone at the Jeddah Islamic Port.

Saudi Development and Export Services Co. Ltd (SDES): Construction of a re-export zone at King Abdulaziz International Airport, Dammam.

Eastern Gateway logistical Services company (EGLSC): Construction of a re-export zone at the King Fahd International Airport, Dammam.

Saudi Arabian Cistern Company: Construction of a re-export zone at the Arabtank Terminals, Yanbu Industrial City.

 National Petroleum & Petrochemical Tank Pipelines Company: Construction of a re-export zone at the King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu.​

Government Entities Partnerships​

​​As a forward-thinking entity that aspires to be involved in the community both within and beyond its walls, ZATCA places a premium on social responsibility. It has set up a department that is in charge of a wide range of social initiatives and programs.

Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA): In the context of the partnership between SRCA and ZATCA, ZATCA staff will have access to SRCA's emergency and humanitarian training and awareness services.

National Center CSR: As part of their relationships, the National Center CSR offers social responsibility-related training and awareness-raising programs and services to ZATCA staff.

Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA): ZATCA and SFA have committed to bolstering their joint cooperation in order to implement programs and activities that will aid in the dissemination of sports culture, participation, and cooperation in the organization and development of sporting events and activities.​

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