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Participating and sharing the opinions and functional suggestions represents one of the main pillars of improving any work that requires interaction among the concerned parties. Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce has recognized and taken into consideration the importance of public participation in all the functions and services it provides or carries out.

ZATCA grants the opportunity and gives way to all, to give their opinions, visions and constructive ideas. Then comes the ZATCA​'s role to study and support the appropriate ideas and develop them into initiatives, then to be transformed into successful and fruitful projects, to be reflected not only on the Ministry, but on the entire community.


In the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, we realize the importance of the participation of customers and their role in improving the quality of our services; and this will be  through providing their insights and ideas on our services.

Therefore, we have given everyone the opportunity to participate and provide their advice on:


Your opinion matters to us in improving the quality of our electronic services

Complaint and Suggestions

Service Performance Statistics

Open Data

To veiw the open data portal for ​ZATCA, Click here​

Social Media​

Social media goals :

- Quick access and communication with customers and consumers and hear their opinions and complaints.
- Publishing the latest developments in decisions, regulations and services.
- Awareness of consumers and customers of rights and duties.
- Highlight the efforts of ZATC in monitoring and controlling violations.​

Comments and suggestions
Comments and suggestions
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